Sokhna Thiaw

Name: Sokhna Thiaw

High School: Lincoln High School

Internship Site: Saint Peter’s University

Career Interests: OBGYN. I chose this career path because I wanted to be a doctor for the longest time and as I grew I became more interested in gynecology. I think it’s a beautiful profession because you get to help women throughout their pregnancies and while they’re giving birth.

Favorite Quote: “Happiness is being independent.” This quote is important to me because where I grew up in Senegal, women are very rarely financially independent. So when nothing goes right in their marriages, they find themselves trapped and they can’t survive on their own; I don’t want that to be my case. My mom, who raised me as a single mother, always told me to do my best to make it in life so just like her, I can be a strong, independent woman.