Sadra Munir

Name: Sadra Munir

High School: High Tech High School

Internship Site: Sims Metal Management

Career Interests: My career of interest is Social Work and Human Resources. One of the main reasons I take such an interest in these fields is because I would like to build strong relationships in one’s community and help overcome any dilemma or obstacle one’s facing. There are many different ways to give back to your community, this is just the start of my journey, how will you write yours?

Favorite Quote: “Compromise for your dream, but never compromise on your dream” — Imran Khan  I’ve had people tell me how the major I want to pursue isn’t the best thing in the world and how I might struggle with making a living out of it. See almost everyone classifies being rich with owning a big house, cars and other luxuries, but I think that me being able to provide one individual hope and dedication to excel in their life or being an asset to a company where people have wonderful things to say about you is the true wealth for me. Life is unexpected; you may encounter a lot of roadblocks but you should only change the path you are taking, not the destination.