Nicole Angeles

Name: Nicole Angeles

High School: McNair Academic High School

Internship Site: Jersey City Medical Center

Career Interests: I’m interested in the nursing field for various reasons. Other than the reason of enjoying science and being fascinated by the functionality of the human body, I saw nursing as a direct way of helping people in need. In addition, the ability to be able to aid and see a patient’s progress to recovery is truly rewarding. From the pressure and challenge that comes along with this field, there’s also an adventure in the sense of experiencing and learning something new every day and that’s what made nursing stand out to me.

Favorite Quote: “Do not live with regret. Everything happens for a reason,” is a simple yet meaningful quote I live by for I truly believe that everything that has happened in our lives has a purpose and prepares us for a moment that is yet to come. With this in mind, the events in which I’ve experienced I view as either a blessing or a lesson that was meant to shape who I am today. In doing so, I’m able to maintain a positive outlook and mindset in various situations.