Please stay tuned for updates to the Jersey City Mural Arts Program.

Program Overview

The Jersey City Mural Arts Summer Youth Program offers students an outlet to express their artistic creativity through various educational and enrichment opportunities. As part of the program,  students spend six weeks in apprenticeships to local artists, who help them to create public mural art throughout the City.

The Jersey City Mural Arts Summer Youth Program runs for six weeks in the summer from July 6, 2020 – August 14, 2020 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

The Jersey City Mural Arts Summer Youth Program also aims to promote interdisciplinary art history education as well as provide opportunities for young people to engage in the interactive processes inherent in the production of public art. JCYW Public Art students will engage in research workshops and community engagement in order to foster a greater cultural and historical understanding of the contexts they will be working in.

The program apprentices students with strong artistic interest and a visual arts portfolio. Students receive arts training and enrichment as well as a financial stipend.

Program Elements

Students increase their career potential through:

  • Each year the Jersey City Mural Arts Summer Youth Program offers artistically inclined young people an opportunity to apply their skills towards the creation of public art in various locations around Jersey City.  Youth work in small teams and are paired with professional public artists where they are given step-by-step instruction on public art techniques, including concept development, surface preparation, design enlargement, paint application, and preservation techniques.
  • Field Trips: Students attend regular field trips, including visits to museums and galleries. Previous field trips have included  tours of Jersey City’s mural artwork, trips to Mana Contemporary, visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and much more.

Application Process

Participation in the JCYW Public Art Program promotes research and decision making skills, and strengthens the design, drawing and painting skills of the students while they work as a team in a deadline oriented environment.  Additionally, the JCYW Public Art Program enhances the professional skills and employability of Jersey City’s emerging young artists.


Jersey City public school students are selected through a competitive portfolio review process.

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