Karanvir Singh

Name: Karanvir Singh

High School: Dr. Ronald E. McNair Academic High School

Internship Site: Dixon Advisory USA

Career Interests: My career interest is in Medicine and Public Health.  I have an interest in science-based courses while also encompassing the virtue of wanting to help others. After taking college-level science-based courses–such as AP Chemistry– and volunteering at the Jersey City Medical Center, I have become intrigued in the field of medicine; I feel as if it connects to the foundations of my character. I have always been regarded as a person who is supportive and devoted. Therefore, I feel that certain healthcare occupations convey these qualities very implicitly and explicitly, which I hold dear.

Favorite Quote: “Cogito ergo sum” — Descartes

I find the quote “I think, therefore, I am”, stated by French Philosopher René Descartes, very meaningful. I interpret it as one not being able to doubt their existence and actions in a spiritual and mental platform. All their ideas carry various levels and perspectives of importance and value, where the trigger to think and “doubt” them exemplifies that. Therefore, I believe it carries the definitive nature of being human, where our curiosity and cognitive abilities provide us with the template to co-exist with one another.

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/karanvir-singh-362b10169