Department of Recreation – Summer 2016

Throughout Jersey City, our children are participating in a variety of educational and fun activities. Pictured here are events at Project GLAD, Summer Food Nutrition Literacy, and Summer Fun Camp:

JCSI Supervisor Orientation 6/30/2016

Supervisors were given the expectations we have for their interns as well as the material they will be learning throughout the summer.

2016-6-30JCSI-4 2016-6-30JCSI-3 2016-6-30JCSI-2 2016-6-30JCSI-1 2016-6-30JCSI-5 2016-6-30JCSI-6 2016-6-30JCSI-8 2016-6-30JCSI-6 2016-6-30JCSI-9 2016-6-30JCSI-10 2016-6-30JCSI-10 2016-6-30JCSI-11 2016-6-30JCSI-12 2016-6-30JCSI-13 2016-6-30JCSI-15 2016-6-30JCSI-16 2016-6-30JCSI-18 2016-6-30JCSI-20 2016-6-30JCSI-22 2016-6-30JCSI-23 2016-6-30JCSI-24 2016-6-30JCSI-26 2016-6-30JCSI-27 2016-6-30JCSI-28 2016-6-30JCSI-29 2016-6-30JCSI-30 2016-6-30JCSI-37 2016-6-30JCSI-29

JCSI Opening Reception 6/30/2016

Jersey City Summer Works kicked off the 2016 JCSI program with an opening reception where interns were able to meet their supervisors and network with other professionals.

2016-6-30JCSI-38 2016-6-30JCSI-39 2016-6-30JCSI-40 2016-6-30JCSI-41 2016-6-30JCSI-42 2016-6-30JCSI-43 2016-6-30JCSI-45 2016-6-30JCSI-46 2016-6-30JCSI-47 2016-6-30JCSI-48 2016-6-30JCSI-49 2016-6-30JCSI-50 2016-6-30JCSI-51 2016-6-30JCSI-52 2016-6-30JCSI-53 2016-6-30JCSI-54 2016-6-30JCSI-55 2016-6-30JCSI-56 2016-6-30JCSI-57 2016-6-30JCSI-58 2016-6-30JCSI-59 2016-6-30JCSI-60 2016-6-30JCSI-61 2016-6-30JCSI-62 2016-6-30JCSI-63 2016-6-30JCSI-64 2016-6-30JCSI-65 2016-6-30JCSI-66 2016-6-30JCSI-67 2016-6-30JCSI-68 2016-6-30JCSI-79 2016-6-30JCSI-71 2016-6-30JCSI-72 2016-6-30JCSI-73 2016-6-30JCSI-74 2016-6-30JCSI-75 2016-6-30JCSI-76 2016-6-30JCSI-77 2016-6-30JCSI-78 2016-6-30JCSI-81 2016-6-30JCSI-86 2016-6-30JCSI-80 2016-6-30JCSI-83 2016-6-30JCSI-85 2016-6-30JCSI-87 2016-6-30JCSI-88 2016-6-30JCSI-89 2016-6-30JCSI-90 2016-6-30JCSI-92 2016-6-30JCSI-93 2016-6-30JCSI-94 2016-6-30JCSI-95

JCSI 2016 Orientation @ Hudson County Community College

JCSI 2016 Workshop @ JC Board of Education

JCSI 2016 Workshop @ JC City Hall

JCSI 2016 Workshop @ JPMorgan Chase & Co.