Brooklyn Castillo

Name: Brooklyn Castillo

High School: McNair Academic High School

Internship Site: Fidelity Investments

Career InterestsThe environment around me holds a special place in my heart and the least I could do is give back. One day, I hope to be an Environmental Engineer and spread awareness about how much we impact this world. At a slow rate, people are becoming aware about climate change and global warming; but I hope someday in the future everyone is on that road of change. We are responsible for what is happening and we need to take initiative for holding account to all the sea levels rising and natural disasters. In this career, I want to inspire people to make smarter decisions that will help themselves and the environment.

Favorite Quote“And I don’t have to fall in love with anything, but the sunset. Because it will fall with me. And it will rise again more beautiful. And so will I.”

The sun and the earth’s relationship is the main reason as to how I first became so invested with helping the world. The way that the distribution of sun rays shines through white scattered clouds mesmerizes me. How every single color of the rainbow could end up with the blue sky, we’re so accustomed to seeing everyday, excites me. With that, I have fallen in love with the sunset and myself. I firmly believe that I will not get through life’s hardships if I do not love myself because I can always count on me through any predicament. The value of self care and love is completely priceless; and no one, but myself, will be able to provide that in this journey.