City Youth Jobs

Program Overview City Youth Jobs offers Jersey City residents ages 16 to 24 part-time employment opportunities across city departments and agencies every summe...
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Thank You!

Your application has been submitted. Thank you for your interest in JC Youth Works! Submission of a data form and applicant information does not guarantee admi...
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Department of Recreation - Summer 2016 Throughout Jersey City, our children are participating in a variety of educational and fun activities. Pictured here a...
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Contact Us

For questions regarding any of our upcoming events, programs, or connections to resources, please reach out to us at

Mural Arts Program

Program Overview The Jersey City Summer Works Public Art Program offers students an outlet to express their artistic creativity through various educational an...

Saturday Jump Start

       Upcoming Events Project U.S.E. Wilderness Challenge August 26, 2017 Push yourself to learn new skills at the Wildcat Mountain Wilderne...
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Participating Organizations

We thank all of our participating organizations for their generous contributions to the Jersey City Summer Works Initiative. Get involved today to help provide a meaningful experience for Jersey City youth.