Ankit Patel

Name: Ankit Patel

High School: McNair Academic High School

Internship Site: Goya Foods Inc.

Career InterestsI want to major in computer science and become a software engineer upon graduation. My end goal however, is to work as a machine learning engineer.
I want to have a job where I’m overcoming difficult challenges, learning new things and doing work that benefits society. A machine learning engineer fits all of those criteria.

Favorite Quote“We may encounter defeats but we must not be defeated” – Maya Angelou. This quote conveys a very important life lesson: never give up. Every person has had a setback in their life, however, if everyone stopped trying to pursue their goals because of a defeat, then society wouldn’t have come far at all. I’ve applied this quote to my life, and it has made me a lot more determined. Angelou’s words assure me that my goals are within reach and that if I keep trying, I’ll achieve them. Her words also imply that if I experience a defeat, there is a lesson to be learned from it; there is a way to improve and thus succeed the next time. Overall, Maya Angelou’s words are my philosophy of success and my suggestion to anyone who wants to be successful is to strictly adhere to them.