Mya Phu

Name: Mya Phu

High School: McNair Academic High School

Internship Site: York Street Project

Career Interests: My career interest is in the financial department because I always got money on my mind! Also recently I shadowed my uncle who works for Jameson and surprisingly it was not all about stocks, excel sheets or just money. It was about talking to clients, marketing and understanding the market. It was different each day too and the environment was free yet serious and I enjoyed that. Lastly, I think it suits me since I love talking and charming; I enjoy helping others and from being my uncle’s shadow, it seems pretty fun!

Favorite Quote: My aunt had told me when I was having an argument with my mother: “This is your life, you are surrounded by many good influences and we will always love and care for you…[the following is something very meaningful to me] You get to control your life, not anyone else, do what you feel best and only those that care will follow you.”  My aunt has always been an inspiration to me and is basically a second mother to me. When she told me this, I realized I don’t need to always consent and follow my parents’ orders. I can control my own life even if I’m “Not old enough” and that beyond my decisions, whether they turn out great or not, I will make the best of it and move on for there are people behind me every step of the way.